Hold On

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYfENDpER-Y *** My brother shared this song with me on Facebook last week. I was confused, to the say the least, as I wouldn't say I'm a fan of Jack Parow. But, as my brother felt the need to share this with me, I decided to listen. Maybe it would be good for a laugh, … Continue reading Hold On


Yes, I Hate My EFL Job

The things that make me hate it are smaller, more specific things related to my work environment. They're the kinds of things that you could find in any job. I'll admit that sometimes the things that bug me about my job are exacerbated by the fact that I'm in Korea. And while it would easy for me to look at my situation and say "Because Korea!", I know it wouldn't be true.

Whiny Expat Bloggers

I did it, didn't I? I became one of those people who keeps one of those blogs that makes people nervous about coming to Korea. It became a place where I whine about how hard my life is, how difficult it is to live in Korea and how much I miss home. And then I … Continue reading Whiny Expat Bloggers

Unsolicited Advice – Part 2

For a country that is so advanced in technology, many people have expressed the same frustration that I have when dealing with Korean technology: why, oh why, must everything use Internet Explorer? And why, oh why, must everything be made in Hanword? Now... maybe it's that I'm used to MS Word, or that Office 2010 … Continue reading Unsolicited Advice – Part 2

A Word On Cultural Difference

I promised ages ago that I would write about this. The thing is that cultural differences aren't usually an easy thing to discuss. And the ones that matter aren't the loud, in your face things that annoy you, or the other things that you really enjoy. The ones that are likely to get you into … Continue reading A Word On Cultural Difference