Why I Joined – And Stayed In – A Choir

It's hard to explain why I kept going. Those first rehearsals were not great for me, confidence wise, and I nearly stopped going because I didn't think I was cut out for it. Choir was ten years behind me and I just couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't feel the harmonies anymore. I felt like every single note I was singing was wrong.


The Differentness of Things: Korea Round 2

About a week ago, a friend from home asked me whether or not Korea was treating me better this time around. I didn't give a particularly good answer, but I did promise to blog about it when I'd had some time to think. While it's difficult to determine offhand whether it's worse or better, I have found … Continue reading The Differentness of Things: Korea Round 2

On the bus from Seoul to Incheon

I love driving. I especially love driving at night on empty, well-lit roads. In those moments, it's like the world belongs to me. I can speed up, and hasten the arrival of that wonderful moment where the roads start to look like home, or I can slow down a little and see the city lights … Continue reading On the bus from Seoul to Incheon

Whiny Expat Bloggers

I did it, didn't I? I became one of those people who keeps one of those blogs that makes people nervous about coming to Korea. It became a place where I whine about how hard my life is, how difficult it is to live in Korea and how much I miss home. And then I … Continue reading Whiny Expat Bloggers