Things That One Forgets

Nothing says "Welcome back to the world you left behind" like the gospel music playing in my mother's car as we drive home from the airport.¬†Or like lying to my grandmother, telling her that I've been going to church when I haven't been in almost two years. Nothing reminds me of how different the life … Continue reading Things That One Forgets


It’s Sentimental, I Know Christmas music doesn't make me emotional. I like singing it, but it's hardly going to make me teary eyed. Mostly because songs like Let It Snow have no actual meaning in my life. This song, however, is much more like the Christmas I know. Real Christmas. My family aren't big drinkers, so there's not … Continue reading It’s Sentimental, I Know

‘Ere I forget My musical development is something that occasionally baffles me. I maintain that good musical taste is genetic - my brother and I have similarly awesome taste in music - but I was raised on a lot of music that just... isn't awesome. One of the other things that baffles me about music is how … Continue reading ‘Ere I forget