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“Was it worth it?”:  of Value and Regret

Was it worth it?

People don’t ask this as often as they tell me that I’ve changed, but if I’m honest, I think this is a much more valuable and interesting question. It requires insight, and perspective that I might not have this early into my return home.

It’s also a question I’ve been considering since I decided to renew my contract (over a year ago), and doubly so since I signed the form stating that I wouldn’t be staying in Korea for another year.

So… was it worth it? The answer is, as always, much more complex than the question I’ve been asked.

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Whiny Expat Bloggers (Part 2) – Complaints and Complainers

Or Complaints, Complainers, and Complaints about Complainers

(the word complain looks really weird when you’ve written it several times)

This post has recently been passed around the expat community in Korea. This post was made in response, by another blog. It’s also a topic I’ve written about. I’m a complaining expat blogger, and I’m very aware about all the complaining that I’ve done.

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