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“Was it worth it?”:  of Value and Regret

Was it worth it?

People don’t ask this as often as they tell me that I’ve changed, but if I’m honest, I think this is a much more valuable and interesting question. It requires insight, and perspective that I might not have this early into my return home.

It’s also a question I’ve been considering since I decided to renew my contract (over a year ago), and doubly so since I signed the form stating that I wouldn’t be staying in Korea for another year.

So… was it worth it? The answer is, as always, much more complex than the question I’ve been asked.

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Whiny Expat Bloggers

I did it, didn’t I?

I can’t even make metaphorical eye contact

I became one of those people who keeps one of those blogs that makes people nervous about coming to Korea. It became a place where I whine about how hard my life is, how difficult it is to live in Korea and how much I miss home. Continue reading “Whiny Expat Bloggers”