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Joining the Dark Side: How and Why I’m moving from an EPIK day job to the late shift at a hagwon

This is a guest post written by a friend of mine. Leigh* and I met when we both arrived in Korea, and she currently teaches in a middle school in Daegu. We were in the same intake and attended the  same orientation. Like me, she is also a South African (hence the mention of postal strikes back home.) I asked her to write this post about how she got her hagwon job, and why she’s so excited about it, and why she’s sure she hasn’t landed in hagwon hell like my friend Will did. Pictures inserted by me)


The Why…

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EPIK Developments In Incheon (and Elsewhere)

Or: Why it seems that the public school program no longer provides job security

A couple of months ago, news of a major blow hit the EFL teaching community in Korea. Incheon had decided to reject all of the incoming EPIK applicants. Now, there were only nine of them, but many people saw this as a sign of things to come – Seoul had already cut down their intake to only elementary school teachers, and where Seoul leads, the rest of the country tends to follow. Incheon, for instance, had been instituting the same policy.

The scaling back of teachers has a process that is usually as follows:

  • Elementary school teachers are given the option to renew at their current schools.
  • Middle and High school teachers may renew, but will be transferred to elementary schools.
  • In some cases, middle school teachers have been allowed to stay, but in the knowledge that if they leave, their school will not receive a new native English teacher.

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