International Day of Doubt

Yesterday (1 June) was the international day of doubt. Anyone who is comfortable in their status as a non-believer is encouraged to post the following as their Facebook status, and share it publicly so that everyone can see it. Friends, if you no longer believe or are struggling with your faith, you are NOT alone. … Continue reading International Day of Doubt


Things That One Forgets

Nothing says "Welcome back to the world you left behind" like the gospel music playing in my mother's car as we drive home from the airport.¬†Or like lying to my grandmother, telling her that I've been going to church when I haven't been in almost two years. Nothing reminds me of how different the life … Continue reading Things That One Forgets

Missing Sound and the Emotion of Silence

I wanted to type all of this out. If I had the time, I would, but I know that people wouldn't read it. But this is the part I really want people (especially Christians, and most especially Christians who knew me before) to hear this part: Christians can acknowledge many ways a person can become … Continue reading Missing Sound and the Emotion of Silence