“Was it worth it?”:  of Value and Regret

Was it worth it? People don't ask this as often as they tell me that I've changed, but if I'm honest, I think this is a much more valuable and interesting question. It requires insight, and perspective that I might not have this early into my return home. It's also a question I've been considering … Continue reading “Was it worth it?”:  of Value and Regret


“You’ve Changed”: On Coming Home and Facing the Accusation of Change

You’ve changed. People are fond of telling me this – so fond of reminding me that Heather-of-five-plus-years-ago would not have said/done/thought/dressed as I do now. As an observation, this is a harmless sentiment. People change. I too have noted how my friends have become different from who they once were, and been surprised by who … Continue reading “You’ve Changed”: On Coming Home and Facing the Accusation of Change

I’m a new teacher! Help!

... Whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable Than my own meandering experience, I will dispense this advice now... Be careful whose advice you buy but be patient with those who supply it Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is a way of fishing the past From the disposal, wiping … Continue reading I’m a new teacher! Help!

Donating Goods In Korea: The Beautiful Store

Things are forever, but there's also an annoying little thing that's attached to this: Everything you buy will one day have to be packed up and moved. Packing is an annoyance at best, and a complete misery at worst. If, like me, you like to buy things, then you might end up with some very … Continue reading Donating Goods In Korea: The Beautiful Store

A Discovery Of Witches: Book Review

During her research, Diana comes across a manuscript with hidden magical potential, and suddenly there are creatures all over her previously quiet life. Vampires, Demons and other Witches are coming out of the cracks, some of whom are menacing and seem dangerous. What is so special about this manuscript that the creatures are willing to threaten her to get it? Sounds great, right? Well...