Donating Goods In Korea: The Beautiful Store

Things are forever, but there's also an annoying little thing that's attached to this: Everything you buy will one day have to be packed up and moved. Packing is an annoyance at best, and a complete misery at worst. If, like me, you like to buy things, then you might end up with some very … Continue reading Donating Goods In Korea: The Beautiful Store


On Buses In Gwangju

I’ve often said that if I die in Korea, it will probably be during a bus ride.

From Snow to Sand: B&T Adventures

As we careened along one of Gwangju’s major arteries near the bus terminal and squealed around a corner on two wheels, I reached out and grabbed the handle in front of me to stop myself from tumbling into the aisle. This was by far one of the fastest bus rides we had had the fortune (good or bad remained to be seen) of encountering. Once I had prevented my forehead from smashing into the seatback in front of me at the next light, I turned to check on Tamara. She had carefully wedged her feet in between the seat in front of her and the side of the bus to prevent herself from catapulting into the exit stairway at every traffic light. Her hands were braced against her seat to stabilize herself for the wild swings around cars, pedestrians, puddles, and even the occasional corner. The world’s strangest roller coaster…

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On the bus from Seoul to Incheon

I love driving. I especially love driving at night on empty, well-lit roads. In those moments, it's like the world belongs to me. I can speed up, and hasten the arrival of that wonderful moment where the roads start to look like home, or I can slow down a little and see the city lights … Continue reading On the bus from Seoul to Incheon

Language Barriers

There's no denying that the language barrier is one of the major points that one needs to consider before moving to another country. How will one feel when one is no longer able to carry out simple, everyday tasks, like going to the bank, or calling a locksmith? In a world where you don't speak … Continue reading Language Barriers

Korea Will Change You – Clothing and Appearance

Before I left home, I recall my mother telling me that I should be less concerned about clothing. She assured me that I was probably freaking out over not being able to buy clothes in Korea (she was right, incidentally), and also that by the time I returned to South Africa, I'd be dressing completely … Continue reading Korea Will Change You – Clothing and Appearance

Korea Will Change You – Safety

  I started a post on this topic ages ago, and it became too long. So now I'm splitting it up into a series of posts on how life in Korea will change you. Please note that I speak from my own experiences, and that these things may not be true for everyone. However, based … Continue reading Korea Will Change You – Safety