Donating Goods In Korea: The Beautiful Store

An accurate depiction of my attitude toward buying stuff.
An accurate depiction of my attitude toward buying stuff.

Things are forever, but there’s also an annoying little thing that’s attached to this: Everything you buy will one day have to be packed up and moved.

Packing is an annoyance at best, and a complete misery at worst.

If, like me, you like to buy things, then you might end up with some very annoying problems:

  1. OH MY GOD WHERE DID ALL THIS STUFF COME FROM? I have nowhere left to put anything and it’s all over the place and I… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
  2. Oh shit. I’m moving home and I have to get rid of all these things.

A lot of expats sell off their stuff before they leave Korea. But what about the stuff that you don’t have time to sell? Or the stuff that doesn’t get bought?

You could throw it out, but there are other options as well…

While clearing out my stuff in Korea, I took it to The Beautiful Store (아름다운가게 in Korean). They had a massive bin outside of the store, and they accept almost anything – except for used socks, underwear etc, as well as used bedding. If you have more than three boxes of stuff to be donated, you can email them to come collect the stuff from your apartment.

They’re open from 10:30 to 18:30, but you can donate outside of those hours as well, by placing the items in the large green bins outside.

I strong recommend checking out their site to see what they do with these goods, and what causes they support.

beautiful store


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