On Incheon

A lot of people find my blog because they Google “Incheon EPIK”. This is a very brief post addressing those looking for that information.

Here are a few things I’ve learnt:

  1. Some people apply to Incheon because they think it’s less competitive than Seoul
  2. Some people are unaware that Seoul and Incheon are in fact separate cities
    No jokes here: I was once asked whether I live in Seoul, and after I replied that I didn’t, the person sent me a screen shot of my own Facebook profile page and insisted that I was lying.
  3. Googling “Incheon” doesn’t often bring up results unrelated to the airport.

For 2, yes Incheon is very close to Seoul. I can go there on a whim. From where I am, far in the South of Incheon, it’s a bit of a trip, but for some people in Incheon, it takes less time to reach areas like Hongdae than it takes for them to get to where I live.

But for 1… it just isn’t true. Especially if you’re going through EPIK.

For example, in my intake (Spring 2013), there were 11 of us placed in Incheon. There were A LOT more people going to Seoul (I’m not sure how many, but I’d hazard a guess at 60-80 people). My coworker was placed in Incheon in the Fall 2013 intake. There were initially 5 spots for Incheon, but it was increased to 10. She tells me that in her intake, there were also loads of people going to Seoul.

With recent developments in Incheon (which I will post more about when I know more EDIT: which I have now written about in more detail, including some new information about other areas), when you’re filling in your EPIK form, I wouldn’t suggest saying that you want to be placed in Incheon. It’s not that I don’t love living here – I do. Incheon has a lot to recommend it (other than its proximity to Seoul), but if it’s a public school job you want… this might not be the place to get it.


4 thoughts on “On Incheon

    • I wouldn’t have thought it to be true either, but it wasn’t long after I got here that people started to contact me on Facebook and Tumblr, repeating these exact things.
      I do enjoy living here! And the experience has been… truly unique.


  1. I hope you are not having a hard time thanks to the recent announcements regarding Incheon that I’d read about. I guess I’ll have to wait for the next post, eh? 🙂 Really nice thoughts though.


    • I’ll be posting about the most recent updates next week, and probably reflect on the situation again closer to the end of my contract. I’m safe for now, but one of my coNETs is leaving and she’s not going to be replaced.


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