Packing Advice – Addendum

Think of this as a follow up to my original packing list post.. I stand by everything I said in that post, but I thought it might be useful, after a year in Korea, and after having been able to spend time and money back home on the things I missed, these are the things I bought a supply of when I had the chance:

Shield antiperspirant – the spray can variety
(when I first went over, I took a lot of the roll-on variety with me. The spray seems more effective, so I’m taking those for summer months. However, the cans don’t last as long as the roll on. So it’s a bit of a toss up which is better.)

Impulse perfumed body spray – absolutely necessary during summer

Tampons – as I’ve said before, yes you can buy tampons in Korea, but I definitely prefer the brand I use in SA

Jeans – I’ve bought jeans in Korea, but they’re all skinny. (After wearing skinny jeans all the time, I now find myself mildly confused by all the excess fabric around my ankles)

Dresses – none of the dresses I bought in Korea are long enough, so I bought a few back home

Bras – I have not seen any in my size outside of Itaewon. I took the chance to buy when I was back home.

Cadburys chocolate – Oh. My. God. Yes.

Colgate Herbal Toothpaste – I’m told you can buy this on GMarket, and it might be wise to look into it, because toothpaste weighs a surprising amount when you’re buying a year’s supply.


As gifts:

Beaded trinkets – to be used as gifts. These have been a huge hit.

Peppermint crisps – apparently, these are unique to SA, and they disappeared fairly quickly


Problems that I know other people have had, but that I haven’t had, for various reasons:

  • Painkillers (I find the ones here fine, but I know some people don’t)
  • Vitamins (I don’t usually take vitamins other than vitamin C, and I generally prefer to get that from fruit and such rather than in a pill)
  • Shoes (I wear a 245/250 – a UK 6, a US 8.5 or a European 39, more or less  – and I’ve very seldom seen larger sizes)
  • Certain kinds of make up (I’m pale, so everything suits me just fine)
  • Sheets and bedding (This is one that I absolutely do not get. I get sheets and bedding from HomePlus)


This list, unfortunately, is not a comprehensive list of things I miss from back home while I’m in Korea, but there are some things that are not feasible to put into suitcases. I bought biltong, for instance, but I wound up eating most of it and sharing the rest. The chocolate very nearly met the same fate. South African wine would also have been welcome, but that would have weighed my suitcases down even more.

I also couldn’t smuggle my friends to Korea with me, much as I wish I could have.


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