Unsolicited Advice – Part 2

For a country that is so advanced in technology, many people have expressed the same frustration that I have when dealing with Korean technology: why, oh why, must everything use Internet Explorer? And why, oh why, must everything be made in Hanword?

headdesk lestrade

Now… maybe it’s that I’m used to MS Word, or that Office 2010 is actually quite nice, or maybe it’s that the controls of Hanword confuse the life out of me…. but Hanword annoys me. Normally I can find my way around a piece of software – especially a word processor – with very little effort. They’re all the same when it comes down to it. But Hanword? Hanword confounds me.

face palm

Especially as every Korean computer I’ve ever used has both MS Office and Hanword on it. Why not use Office? Why not? Why!?!?!

stab stab stab

And then my students need corrections done, and I don’t have Hanword on my laptop, so I’m even more annoyed…

shooting self

But there is hope! For anyone who needs to read Hanword files through MS Word, click on this link! It will download a quick and easy document converter for MS Word.


And now for the advice part – the first time you try to use this, open the file from within Word, rather than clicking on the file icon. Thereafter, it works perfectly.

Unfortunately, you can’t save the files as .hwp files, so ask the person you’re corresponding with what format it needs to be saved in. I generally opt for .docx, but tell it to maintain compatibility with other versions of Office, just for safety sake. I figure that if this doesn’t work, I can save it as a PDF.


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