What Is My Life?

I have discovered that there is a large range of moments where I am able to use the phrase What is my life?

For example – in the process of schedule mangling, I found myself with two of my classes scheduled to see me at the same time. I wound up with both classes at the same time – which I then had to turn into a 46 player game of Mafia.


The gifted program has evening classes that I have to teach three nights a week. When I agreed I thought it would be one.


I had to teach my students the expression “cradle-snatcher” after the repeatedly called the man involved a “thief”


It turns out that my students pointing out the words “sex parties” in one of the articles we were using for class can make me blush like a tomato.


I’m about to use Timbaland’s The Way I Are for class.

All in all, I’m not sure if this means my life is amazing, or awful, or ridiculous.

So… in short.

What is my life?


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