Statistics (and other things I have to say)

So I found out that my most popular post (by quite a large margin) is the one where I wrote about midnight runs. Now, I don’t think it’s my best post. Nor is it a post that I put a lot of work into. It’s one that I just… wrote. No real forethought, apart from wanting to say that I understood why people who ran decided to run. The next most viewed post is this one, where talked about teaching at TUKS and how I learnt to stop hating it. This one, I actually did think about a lot, and I think it does contain some useful advice. Tied for third place are the one about my first epic breakdown in Korea, and the FAQ for friends and family of soon-to-be EPIK teachers. The last one is probably the only one that wasn’t a surprise to me.

The next thought came from checking out the search terms that people use to find my blog. The highest ones are about EPIK or Incheon or the fact that I’m South African, but an interesting number of them are variations on “How do I stop hating my job?” or “How do I psych myself up for a job I hate?”

As my blog is predominantly (but not entirely) about my life in Korea, or (more correctly) my thoughts about my life in Korea, I find this interesting. It certainly made me think about my audience (other than my friends, who make up the bulk of my audience). Now, I did decide to keep this blog with the idea that people could keep up with my adventures, but given that I don’t really write about my adventures much and spend more time whining about my job and how tired I am, I’m not sure it’s been an entirely successful venture.

I wasn’t exactly thinking about other expats (or potential expats) or just other teachers finding my blog, especially not for the kind of posts that have become my most read posts. I guess it means that maybe I should write about these things a little bit more.

Anyway. If you’ve read through this whole thing, even though you weren’t particularly interested, here’s a random gif:

Cake or DeathAnd a clip showing where it came from:

and a Lego interpretation:


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