The Good Days Are Harder To Write About

So I was looking back over my recent blog entries, I realise that I sound very whiny. Or, at the very least, like I hate my job.

The truth of it is that the harder days are easier to write about. There are a million words clamouring to be let out of my head, and my keyboard is the easiest (though perhaps not the best) place to let them out. On the good days, there’s much less to report.

So the truth is that, while I feel like I have too much going on in my head, most days, and I’m relatively upset (still) about my lack of vacation, I’m not unhappy here. I wouldn’t want to be teaching in any other school. I did miss my students when they were away. For all the sleep I missed during summer camp, I did enjoy the lessons I taught. The kids reported that they felt the my class (music) and the art class were the most healing.

(That’s one of those words that gets used in Korea a lot, and I always want to say “Are you sure that means what you think it means?” Another one is pure. Anyway)

To drive the point home – in the hope (however faint) that my school will improve next year (this year is worse than last year, I’m told), I’m pretty sure that I’ll sign on for another year. I’d like to see my current second graders graduate. There’s still a lot to debate on this matter, but I know which way I’m leaning.

So yes, my darlings, I whine. And the last couple of posts have been very depressing. But I don’t hate my job. Or my life. And I’m not unhappy.

Just thought I’d put that out there.


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