‘Ere I forget

My musical development is something that occasionally baffles me. I maintain that good musical taste is genetic – my brother and I have similarly awesome taste in music – but I was raised on a lot of music that just… isn’t awesome.

One of the other things that baffles me about music is how much music I associate with my father. There are notable members of his family who are very musical, but he was not. One of my mother’s favourite stories was where three-year-old me asked my father (who was singing) why he was crying.

This song has been in my head for about three days now. I know my mother taught it to her guitar students, but I still associate it with my father.

One of the strange things I’ve found in Korea is that I miss him more than I ever did in the past two and a half years. Maybe it’s that I’m finally away from everything that reminded me of him. Or that I know I can never go back to the house where all my memories of him live. (The house has been sold and is being completely altered.) The dog that adored him, and then adored me, died.

One of things I regret most is that he never got to see me finally get here. I finally got a job that pays me well. I’m finally doing something that matters. I finally have a life that is my own.

There was a Brunfelsia plant outside our old house. My father called it (as many do) A Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. And he’d sing this.


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