<Read this is a melodramatic voice that sounds like it’s on the verge of tears>

*Commences pity party*


Everyone is in (or is going to) Bali. Or Thailand. Or Japan. Or Jeju. Or just somewhere fucking awesome. And I’m stuck in Incheon, at school, and I will be all of next week. And then my next semester starts.


Also, instead of two four-day weekends (which is what I get instead of a real vacation) I had one four-day weekend, and will have one three-day weekend. Because I’m teaching tomorrow. And this is currently making me hate my life.


*melodrama and snot crying*

*Ends pity party*


(I will now stop doing this, because I will have more days during winter, so I will have enough vacation time to make going home worth the trip. Hooray!)


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