Everything I Ever Done

I found this track a week or two ago, while clicking around on recommended videos linked to Tim Minchin. I love Tim, and finding videos of him singing non-comedy songs make me happy.

Now, for the content. I’ve been trying to work out from the lyrics if the writer meant that he wants to go back to where he came from, or if he wants to go to his metaphysical home. It being a religious song, I suspect it’s the latter.

What seems important is not the idea of where he would be going back to, but rather that he wants to be away from where he is. I’m not gearing up to leave, or anything like that, but I do understand that sentiment.

(Also, I notice, he doesn’t really say that he is going home. Just that he feels like doing so. I don’t know why, but this feels like an important distinction.)

(Also, in a second PS., my view on religion is much like Minchin’s. So, to no one’s surprise, I really like this song.)


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