Mini Plague

Warning. This post features snot.

Today, I can’t help but remember that it is rude to blow one’s nose in public in Korean culture. Now, my mother raised me to believe that it was rude too, but that it was better to  blow your nose than to keep sniffing.

The point of this is that I am severely congested. And I’m deskwarming. And I hate the fact that my colleagues have to hear me sniff all day. Is this really more polite that getting it all out in one fell swoop?

(On that note, I visit the bathroom often to clear out the cavities  but this is one of those plagues that features a lot of snot and therefore a lot of nose blowing. I’m just sitting here and trying not to breathe.)

Also, I’m confused by the fact that this is a place where poop is freely discussed, and people spit everywhere, but I can’t blow my nose.

Anyway. I have the plague that was going around Orientation, and it annoys me. I’m clogged and I want to sleep.

Snot over.


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