Dear Friends and Family: the FAQ part 2

This post is follow up to my previous post regarding the questions that EPIK applicants are often asked by their friends and family.

Once I get to Korea, I think the only thing I’ll really be able to say about the EPIK process is that we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

This post will be much shorter, and will basically tell you which questions we probably can’t answer yet.

1. Where will you placed in Korea?

Some lucky people (like me) found out about their placements quite early. We have been warned that we may not find out until quite late into the process, quite soon before we leave.

And even when we do know our placements, we can’t tell you much about it. For example, I’ve been placed in Incheon. I don’t know where in Incheon, but in Incheon. People who have been placed with provincial offices of education know which province they’re going to, but not which city they’ll be placed in once they’re there.

2. When are you leaving?

Again, the exact date is hard to pin down. We’ll know when we find out about orientation. By now, through much discussion, we have a rough idea, but there is no official date as yet.

3. What school are you going to? and/ or What age group will you be teaching?

We won’t know until the end of orientation.

4. What do you know about your apartment?

Other than the fact that we get a free apartment (for which we have to pay a security deposit in Incheon) with basic furnishings, we know nothing about it. We can watch the apartment tours on Youtube, and read up what we can, but we won’t know until we walk through the door.

Basically, my dears, EPIK teaches us all about patience. So much patience. For those who, like me, are prone to worry, this can all be very frustrating. But there’s nothing we can do but wait.


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